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Every man needs a suit, whether it is for his first job interview, wedding, or even attending a funeral. That’s why building a functional and versatile suit wardrobe is one of the most important investments a man can make because the benefits of dressing smartly can be life-changing.

Not only does it give an excellent first impression to others, but psychological changes can also happen when you wear certain clothes. And a suit can help you bring out your inner confidence.

Like any wise investment, building your wardrobe should involve research and planning to get your desired result. You can start with at least one suit in your closet and slowly build yourself up to a rotation of five or six.

This will give your wardrobe some flexibility, and you can always mix and match your pieces to achieve different looks and styles. Plus, your suits and shoes can benefit from having a day of rest before being worn again so that the wrinkles can naturally fall out without steam or press.

More importantly, a fuller wardrobe also gives you a bit of wiggle room, and you have more options if you have to bring one or two suits to the tailor to repair.

Let’s start with the first suit you need to have in your wardrobe and then discuss expanding from there. For a man’s wardrobe, a great suit begins and revolves around excellent tailoring.

Get a Tailored Suit

There’s a reason why tailored suits are associated with being dressed for success. Wearing a suit that is specially made for you can make you feel more confident and assertive. Literally, it can increase your hormones for displaying dominance and help you become a better negotiator and deal-breaker.

This is a suit you want to wear to business meetings with clients or when you are doing an important presentation. After all, it would help if you looked good to represent the business well on the outside, and you will be able to build rapport and trust more quickly.

When getting your special tailored suit, consider adding a Kiton suit to your wardrobe. Kiton has long been recognized as one of the sartorial greats known for its artisanal tailoring skills and superfine materials using baby cashmere and 12.8-micron wool.

The Fundamentals

Men who need to wear a suit every day will need your conservative suits. These will be the suits you wear three days a week, but nobody really notices. For these suits, you should pick a suit made from something light like solid worsted or wool, which you can wear through all four seasons.

For more traditional workplaces, it’s best to pick a darker color like navy, black, or dark grey. Other options include patterns subtle enough to look like a solid block of color from a distance. You don’t necessarily have to get this tailored, but you will want to get a proper fit.

That means the suit’s shoulders should hug yours perfectly, and you should be able to button the jacket without it straining. When your arms are hanging straight down, you should be able to cup your fingers under the sides of your suit.

The most crucial element of looking good in a suit is understanding the proper fit. Because no matter your body size and height, you will look good in a suit that appears tailored for you.

Patterns and Varieties

For nights you are going out to have fun, you want a more slim-fit suit or a patterned jacket that will show your flair.

Plus, we can’t recommend this enough. But you must have a khaki linen or cotton suit in your wardrobe for those hot and sticky days. It’s breezy, and you will never get caught sweaty or out of style.

You can venture into light grey, dark brown, or subtle check jacquard for those who are not fans of brighter colors. A dark chocolate brown suit will open up plenty of opportunities for a different shirt and tie combinations.

You can also add a cotton pocket square, cuff links, or even a watch to your business suit for a dash of elegance. A tip here is to avoid over-accessorizing and wearing too many patterns at once.

Key Takeaway: Wear a Suit

Again, we can’t stress enough how important it is to have a suit or a suit wardrobe. It is hands down the most foundational menswear piece you must have in your closet.

Especially if you have just graduated and are contemplating getting your first suit for a job interview, the answer is yes! 94% of hiring managers say the style of dress during an interview is a factor they consider when hiring candidates.

Suits are not always all about business or formal wear; you can also easily break it down to double as your weekend blazer or be matched with more versatile trousers. What’s not to love?