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Now that you have reduced your wardrobe to 37 pieces, you may be wondering if this new lifestyle change is sustainable. You are still scrolling through your favorite fashion brands’ feeds on instinct, carting out purchases as you would before your capsule wardrobe. Your mind drifts to that sequins maxi dress kept away in a box. It may be out of sight, but it is not out of mind; you are saving it for an occasion you can’t exactly pinpoint.

Your new wardrobe is supposed to help you save money and boost your creativity—without stopping you from exploring different styles. Here are some ways to reap these benefits of your capsule wardrobe:

Be Intentional in Future Purchases

Sustaining your capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean that you can’t buy new clothes and accessories. Keep your shopping habits in check. You may need to practice new habits that enable mindful shopping while tackling those that led you to splurge thoughtlessly.

Tackle the ease of online shopping by making it difficult to finalize a purchase. Remove your credit card number saved to your phone’s password chain. You will require more time and effort to key in the 16 digits without the auto-fill function. If you have your credit card details saved on your phone, delete them too, so they are not readily accessible.

Your new wardrobe now reveals your signature styles and allows you to identify other styles you may be keen to explore. Before making any purchase, brainstorm three outfit ideas with the clothing or accessory of your choice.

Evaluate these three looks by asking yourself these questions: Do you already have something similar? Does it complement your existing wardrobe? This process gives you valuable insights into your new purchase, allowing you to determine if it is the right fit for you and your wardrobe.

Introducing more steps in your purchase process encourages you to consider each purchase carefully. It will take time to familiarize yourself with these new changes. But they will help you honor your commitment to yourself and your new capsule wardrobe—making your first blazer or Off White sneakers more meaningful.

Repurpose Pieces that Didn’t Make the Cut

You would have set aside your discard piles when putting together your capsule wardrobe, including pieces you might need someday and keep for sentimentality.

Trust your instinct. When that “someday” comes, your current wardrobe will provide you with an outfit that you can show up comfortably and confidently. And parting with your clothes is not easy, particularly for those with sentimental value. After all, what we wear forms part of our identity.

If you struggle with repurposing these pieces, remember that doing so will not diminish their value. Instead, it will create more meaning for your clothes when others benefit from their renewed purpose.

Give these pieces a second life now. If they are still in good condition, give them to your friends or donate them to charity. If they are too battered to be worn, upcycle them. Patterned fabrics from these pieces can change up pieces in your capsule wardrobe, allowing you to create more variations in your outfits. Give your worn-out garments to your local animal shelters; they can also provide warmth to some furry friends.

Spending your weekday nights or weekends to organize these storage boxes may help you feel more energized, freeing your mind and space within your home. Because of the pandemic, you may be staying in more; make your home a clutter-free environment that brings you calm. Delivering your clothes to your friends or non-profit organizations can help you stay connected with your community during these isolating and uncertain times.

Channel your inner creative energy and recharge with DIY projects sprucing up your old clothes and accessories. Likewise, such hands-on craft projects can be a novel bonding activity with your loved ones at home.

Style Each Article of Clothing Differently

Your capsule wardrobe has been curated to maximize possible pairings between different pieces. Besides mixing and matching your pieces, take it a notch higher: style each piece differently.

You are likely to have many basics as part of your curated wardrobe. Think of them as blank canvases. The next time you put on a button-down shirt, fold the collar into your shirt. You will find that it creates an entirely different look as if it were a different top.

Simple tweaks such as folding in the sleeves, tucking in your top, tying knots, and cuffing your pants can help elevate your style and create more looks. Layering your clothes is another way to make your new wardrobe more versatile, differentiating your outfits without buying new clothes or accessories.

Focusing your time and energy on styling each piece will also shift your attention from looking for new pieces, allowing you to save money. When you explore different styling methods, it helps you maximize the wear of each piece and leads you to new combinations amongst your existing pieces.

However, some combinations and tweaks may not work out the way you hope, causing you to feel silly about your efforts. But the process of trial and error is a nod to your curiosity and creativity. No one cares more about what we wear than we do—every decision you make to commit to yourself and your new capsule wardrobe matters, so long as you enjoy the process.