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With so much social programming that youth is our greatest strength, it is easy to feel old at forty. Yet, as a mature adult, you are more certain of who you are and your priorities in life. You have experienced failure and have earned some hard-won achievements. Here is how you can look your best and match your body to the powerful soul that it holds.

Dress the Part

A typical problem experienced by men is that their wardrobe looks identical at twenty and forty. Torn jeans, graphic T-shirts, and ball caps may have been cool when you were in college, but they can make an adult man seem immature and unsophisticated. Furthermore, ‘clever’ shirts with quips about sex or beer just make you seem plain creepy.

This does not mean that you have to give up on comfort and style altogether. Instead, stock your wardrobe with simple and classic pieces such as plain, fitted T-shirts, dress shirts, and blazers. Pass on your distressed jeans to your nephews and opt for tailored trousers instead. Feel free to add some print and color but try to keep things clean and timeless.

Fashion is fantastic but not all fashion fads make you look like an attractive older man. Neon plastic eyeglasses and oversized puffy jackets might be all the rage, but they are probably more suitable for teenagers. Remember that your clothes should complement the strong man that you are. Dress as a confident man and not like somebody who wants to live in the past.

Self-Care is Sexy

As men get older, our hair begins to wreak havoc on our lives. Hair can grow out of unwanted places and yet not grow where we want it to. Nothing makes you seem more like an unappealing old fella than unruly eyebrows, a wild beard, and—heaven forbid—bushy nose hair. If you want to look your best, keep to a high standard of personal grooming.

One mistake that many men make is to try to disguise their thinning hair by growing it long or combing it over. The better alternative is to trim it very short or shave your head. Many celebrities such as Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson rock the bald look and studies have found that a shaved head can make you look sexier and more dominant.

As you age, your skin will lose its elasticity. Dry and saggy skin can add years to your face. Although men are generally dismissive of skincare, a daily routine of cleansing and moisturizing can rejuvenate your skin and keep the wrinkles at bay for longer. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, always wear sunscreen to prevent premature aging of your skin.

Keep the Machine Lean

Weight gain is often synonymous with getting older. While many of us have already embraced our dad bods, excessive weight can make a man look older. Besides, your poor physical fitness can influence your social life and performance in the bedroom. If your weight is starting to affect your health and confidence, then it is time to take exercise seriously.

The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate activity a week to stay healthy. To lose weight, you may need to do a little more. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to have a quick but effective workout. You should also do weight training to build muscle, slow down the natural decline of your muscle mass, and melt persistent pockets of fat.

Exercise can also help you to relieve stress and increase your social circle. Many men find themselves stuck with friends who lead sedentary lifestyles. By joining a sports club or a gym, you can meet other people who have more active pursuits. If you need a little extra motivation, consider hiring a personal trainer or joining a fitness program.

Get a Health Check

Men are notorious about hating doctors but health checks are an important habit for men over forty. Thanks to the vicarious lifestyles that we led when we were younger, the forties is a time where health issues can crop up. Regular health screenings ensure that any problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease are detected and managed early.

Another common issue faced by men as we age is low testosterone. Low testosterone can lead to lack of energy, hair loss, muscle loss, sexual dysfunction, and infertility. Thankfully, testosterone replacement therapy has proven effective in combating the effects of low testosterone and may be recommended by your doctor depending on your health circumstances.

Wearing the right clothes and keeping yourself well-groomed is just half of how you can look and feel your best. Taking care of your health and maintaining an active lifestyle is the other half. A man knows that he is in charge of his destiny. If you put in the time and effort, forty may just be the beginning of the prime of your life.